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HS2 is a leading provider of physician support services, including practice administration, compliance and quality assurance, revenue cycle management, and information technology consulting and services.

HS2 is comprised of a team over 150 highly trained and specialized individuals who can meet customers “where they are” and provide any combination of services to improve physician effectiveness and profitability.  Services are easily tailored and scaled to support physician practices and small to medium sized hospitals.

Our long history of practice support sets us apart from other groups regionally and nationally.  At HS2, we continually look for ways to better serve the physicians and their patients in the communities we serve.

what-we-doRadiology Imaging Associates is comprised of over 60 radiologists. Most of our radiologists were fellowship trained, which allowed them to develop considerable expertise in their chosen field and earn additional certification. Our radiologists also maintain memberships in various societies to continue refining their skills. Because of their specialties and ongoing education, RIA radiologists are able to diagnose patients across a wide spectrum of clinical conditions with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy.


Radiology Imaging Associates (RIA), a community based radiology practice for more than 45 years, is the leading provider of professional services for diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology in Denver, Colorado.

At RIA, we continually look for ways to better serve the patients and physicians in the communities we serve. Our long history of innovation and program development demonstrates our dedication to furthering medicine and helping people get and stay well.

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We are committed to excellence in our service to our physicians and business partners. Following are the main services we provide:

Practice Administration

HS2 offers a menu of practice administration services in the areas of accounting, finance, and human resources. Accounting and finance service options include the day to day management of standard accounting functions (treasury, payroll, working capital, revenue recognition, expenditures, equity, policies, budgets, etc.),

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Practice Administration

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Please contact Radiology Imaging Associates with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.
Please Note: The following telephone numbers and email addresses are not intended for solicitations. We cannot give medical advice over the telephone or via email.

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